I was born and grew up in Sydney, Australia but have lived away for the last 15 years in Singapore and The Netherlands. Travel and the experience of living in different places is a constant source of inspiration for me and all of the places I have lived have been by the sea which is often my subject matter. I have a BA in fine art from City Art Institute (now UNSW) in Sydney where I majored in drawing (working chiefly with the figure) and was fortunate to have tutors such as a Kevin Connor and Alun Leach-Jones. I have turned to painting in the last couple of years using acrylic, water colour and gouche. I work mostly from photographs and sketchbook drawings and en plein air on my travels. I make landscapes and works based on the figure in an expressionistic way, sometimes pushing more towards abstraction. I work quickly enjoying the texture of the paint, the movement of the brush over the canvas and the contemplative act of painting itself to create feeling rather than a realistic interpretation.

My work is available via Saatchiart and my Instagram page or send me an email on kvwest@protonmail.com.


Instagram page karla66.



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